ADHD Coaching for Students

Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder presents a unique set of challenges for children, tweens, teens, and college students.

In elementary school, social, emotional, and behavioral issues get in the way of learning and begin to impact self-esteem.

In middle school, the inability to focus, plan, and organize can keep students from building the foundation necessary to succeed in later years.

In high school, the complexity of changing classes and the increased workload often cause ADHD symptoms that were once manageable to become unbearable.

In college, greater independence, less structure, and higher expectations can mean that what worked in high school is no longer effective. Parents aren't there to provide reminders and structure. It's completely up to the student to get enough sleep, get to class on time, do laundry, eat healthy foods, study, and write all those term papers - without anyone checking an outline or rough draft.

ADHD coaching can help. 

Coaching will help you better understand the specific issues that are keeping you from excelling in school and in life.  You will develop the strategies, skills, and habits you need to overcome them, and discover how to use your unique strengths to your best advantage.

Some of the issues that students typically work on in coaching include:

  • Getting homework done, and handed in, on time
  • Managing long term assignments
  • Getting started on more difficult assignments
  • Getting and staying organized
  • Getting up and out of the house on time
  • Setting priorities
  • Setting daily, weekly, and longer term goals
  • Advocating for yourself

It's not all about school, though.  Coaching can bring improvements in other areas as well:

  • Social situations
  • Family dynamics
  • Confidence
  • Personal accountability
  • Becoming aware of self defeating behaviors
  • Identifying and building on strengths

Coaching is a client-driven process.  Your needs determine the direction, and you set the agenda for each session.  The coach provides proven techniques, structure, accountability, and support.

In order for coaching to be effective, the student must want to be coached.  He or she must have a strong desire to change, and be willing to work hard.  A certain amount of self-awareness is essential; the student must understand and be able to articulate his or her problems.  For those reasons, we typically work with the parents of young children (under the age of eight or so). The parent learns to create systems at home that better support the child.

Jennifer Kerstetter is our ADHD coach for children, tweens, and teens. She has over a decade of experience working as an elementary school teacher and is dual-certified in special education. She has a special affinity for children with ADHD.

Both Jen and Beth provide coaching for college students.

Request your free consultation today to find out if ADHD coaching is right for you.