ADHD Resources


Embrace Yourself (My Secret to Living Well with ADHD), article by Beth Main, LCPC, BCC, for ADDitude Magazine

How Cognitive Restructuring Reframes Failure and Erases Self-Doubt, feature article by Beth Main, LCPC, BCC, for ADDitude Magazine

Horse Power: Equine Therapy for ADHD, feature article by Beth Main, LPC, BCC, for ADDitude Magazine

I Need a Plan for Using a Planner, feature article by Beth Main, LPC, BCC, for ADDitude Magazine

The Science Behind ‘Tapping:’ An Alternative Therapy for Focus, Concentration & Mood, feature article by Beth Main, LPC, BCC, for ADDitude Magazine

I'm Too Ashamed to Clean my House, feature article by Beth Main, LPC, BCC, for ADDitude Magazine

How Adults With ADHD Can Become Better Listeners, on, featuring Beth Main, BCC

10 Daily Habits That Help You Manage ADHD, on, featuring Beth Main, BCC

12 Strategies for Building Healthy Relationships When You Have ADHD, on, featuring Beth Main, BCC

What Does ADHD Cost Your Practice?, by Beth Main, BCC, published in the PA Bar Association Solo and Small Firm Practice News

Adults Can Use Strategies to Cope with ADHD, on, featuring Beth Main, BCC

Adult Ed: Better The Second Time Around, by Beth Main, BCC, for

ADHD Kids Don't Disappear - - They Become ADHD Adults, by Beth Main, BCC, on

Camp Hill ADHD Coach Becomes First to Receive IAAC Credential, published in the Central Penn Business Journal, featuring Beth Main, BCC


Products (videos, workbooks, etc.):   

ADD Crusher videos - These ADD-friendly videos and tools help you crush your ADHD and live to your potential. No long-winded explanations here; Crusher tells you just how it is, and exactly what you need to be doing, to live the life you want. Use promo code ADHDSOLUTIONS15 and get 15% off!

Coach Claudette's "The Taste of Now" Self-Study Program - Learn the principals of mindfulness, as applied to food and eating, in a self paced workbook and audio format. Will teach you to be fully present in the moment AND help you lose weight.


ADHD Organizations and Web Sites: (very active online discussion site where people can post, read, and reply to questions about ADHD)

ADDitude Magazine (articles and resources for adults and children with ADHD and learning disabilities)

ADD Warehouse (books, videos, and other ADHD related merchandise)

Attention Deficit Disorder Association (information, resources and networking opportunities for adults with ADHD and the professionals who serve them)

CHADD (education, support, and advocacy for children and adults with ADHD)



Council For Exceptional Children (the largest international professional organization dedicated to improving educational outcomes for individuals with exceptionalities, students with disabilities, and/or the gifted)

Learning Disabilities Online (information and advice about learning disabilities and ADHD)

PA Office of Dispute Resolution (information about due process and mediation with Pennsylvania's public school districts)

Wrightslaw (information about special education law, education law, and advocacy for children with disabilities. Hint: enter 'ADHD' in the site's search feature)


Free Downloads:

Sample morning routine (weekly checklist in MS Word format to make mornings run more smoothly. Edit to match your schedule. Free!)

Sample packing list (list of things to take on vacation in MS Word format. Oriented towards camping/backpacking. Edit to suit your needs. Free!)

Sample decision spreadsheet (selects the best of several options based on your requirements, and how important each requirement is to you. Free!)

Rooster alarm (a two minute .MP3 file of a rooster crowing. Use with an alarm clock that plays CDs or connects to an .MP3 player. A wonderful way to wake up, unless you're on the Camp Hill Borough Council. Free!)

Instant Boss (computer application that helps you stay on task by timing your work periods and breaks. Free!)