Where to have lunch if you take food quality seriously

ADHD is neurobiological. So it makes sense that we need to feed our brains. That means clean, healthy eating.

At home, I eat local pasture-raised meats from animals that are humanely raised. I eat lots of organic fruits and vegetables. No refined simple carbs. It's been challenging but I have finally acquired sources and recipes for everything I want and need.

Eating out is another story. I bring my lunch to work most days, but I end up eating out about once a week (nobody's perfect).  I try to make good choices but really, there's not much around here that I can get to and back in the short amount of time I have for lunch.

Enter Little Bird.

I just had the best lunch ever, at a little place called Little Bird.  It's just a window inside the Ever Grain Brewing Company, at 4444 Carlisle Pike, Mechanicsburg. The phrase "best kept secret" is a cliche, but in this case, it's utterly true. There isn't even a sign on the road for it. You almost have to know about it to find it. From their website: 

Our food is crafted with real ingredients, sourced locally whenever possible, and never overly processed.  We use whole grains, real butter, real olive oil, and make our own stocks and sauces.  We bake our breads, ferment our kimchi, and cure our bacon for three weeks before it goes in the smoker.  When our farmers plan for the season, they call our Chef to find out what they should grow.  When our foragers (sometimes our Chef) find a honey hole of chanterelle mushrooms, they call us first.  Spent grain in our recipers comes straight from our Lauter Tun.  Our micro greens, leafy greens, and edible flowers come from an aquaponics system in New Cumberland, PA.  We support youth programs like L.E.A.F. Project and Jumpstreet.  We promote sustainable, biodiverse agriculture in all forms. 

All this in a craft brewery?  Yes. This is no ABC.

I had the Best Damn Chicken Sandwich ever. That's the name of it. And it really was the best damn chicken sandwich ever.  It looked and tasted like something that my husband or I would make at home. Probably because it is - the chicken came from Foxwood Run Farm in York County, which is coincidentally (or not) where we get our chicken when we run out of what we've raised ourselves on our farmette. The birds are sustainably and humanely raised on fresh pasture and sunlight, which is in keeping with my personal values. Anyway, back to the sandwich. It looked healthy and tasted amazing. It was served with hopped remoulade, wallaby cheese, and yucca fries, which are a delicious and nutritious alternative to potatoes (which are no good for you so don't eat them).

If you're a foodie, this is your place.

If you have ADHD and are trying to figure out how to eat more nutritiously when you go out, this is your place.

If you just want real food that tastes amazing, this is your place.


Here's the address again: Ever Grain Brewing Co., 4444 Carlisle Pike, Camp Hill PA. Call 717.525.9772 for takeout.