I'm comfortable in my own skin, it's my clothing that's the problem

Fitness.  Ah yes, I remember that.  Back in the day when I kayaked, ran, worked out at the gym, biked, and went for long hikes - all in the same week.  Every week.  Now I'm ten pounds heavier and feeling like a sausage.

My problem is that I'm content.  I don't feel like a lioness in a cage any more, so I'm not driven to exercise.  Even though I know how important it is,  especially for those of us with ADHD, it's everything I can do to get in half an hour a week.  I'm just not motivated like I used to be.

So I hired a personal trainer.  He works for a dollar a week.  What, you say?  A dollar a WEEK?! 

Yes, that's right. He's my son. He created a workout plan for me.  And wrote up a contract - I'm free to discontinue his services after two months.  He counts my crunches as I do them, and runs with me.  He's very motivated by money, but more than that, I think he digs telling me what to do.  I let him be the boss. I encourage him to yell at me when I'm being lazy.  I even agreed to let him shoot me with an airsoft gun if I become difficult, but so far, it hasn't come to that. We're both having fun. And we're both exercising.  Every day.

If you have a child, or access to one, I highly recommend this approach.  You may have to fork over more than a buck (sssh, don't tell my son), but it will be worth it.