Get it in writing

Memory problems can cause tremendous frustration for those of us with ADHD and the people who depend on us.  You never know when your memory is going to fail you.  So you should write down everything you need to remember, no matter how sure you are that you won’t forget.

When people ask you to do something for them, if you can’t do it right away, have them write it down for you.  Ask them to send you a follow-up email or put it on your calendar or white board for you.  Make it common knowledge that if it isn’t written down in one of the places you check regularly, it isn’t going to happen.  Eventually, people will get into the habit of asking you where they should write things down.

Don’t think of it as an imposition. By insisting that requests be made in writing, you’re actually helping people. You’re increasing the odds that they will get what they need, by giving you what you need.