ADHD Coach credentialing is finally here!

Until today, no independent credentialing existed for ADHD Coaches that have been practicing for less than five years.  The closest thing out there was Life Coaching certification.  While Life Coaching and ADHD Coaching have a lot in common, there is one fundamental difference:  Life Coaches aren't supposed to solve problems.  Clients are seen as naturally creative, resourceful, and whole.  Life Coaches help people find their own answers.  Which is wonderful, and I do that a lot.  But ADHD Coaching by definition includes education and recommending solutions.   I know a very prominent ADHD Coach who actually failed the ICF certification exam because she solved a problem for a client!  That's a real conflict.   I opted not to pursue Life Coach certification because  I feel it would be unethical to withhold advice from a client in order to get certified.  And being in business for three years, there was no other credential available to me. Today, my problem has been solved.  The Institute for the Advancement of ADHD Coaching (IAAC) announced the launch of the only ADHD credentialing program available to ADHD coaches internationally.   This is the culmination of five years of effort from some of the top names in the ADHD Coaching industry.  They began a pilot of their credentialing program about a year ago by offering a Senior Certified ADHD Coach designation for coaches with five or more years of experience. From their web site:

The mission of the IAAC is to advance the field of AD/HD coaching through the development and delivery of credentialing and certification for AD/HD coaches worldwide, in pursuit of excellence in our profession.

The Institute for the Advancement of AD/HD Coaching (IAAC) has been formed to define, protect the integrity of, and support the profession of AD/HD coaching in the world and to provide continuing education, credentialing, certification and ethical standards for AD/HD coaching.

I'll be applying for the credential in the next week or so since I meet all the criteria.  It's a very rigrorous process that involves an oral exam, a written exam, and verification of my coaching experience and education.   It'll take several months to complete.  So wish me luck, and keep watching this site for more good news!