Setting an example

My personal trainer is tough.

"Mom, have you seen your workout chart?"

"Yes, I moved it.  I got tired of looking at it on the refrigerator. (pause for a few seconds)  Oh.  Now I can't find it."

"That's what you get for moving something that has a home.  Now you have to do 40 pushups as a punishment".

Drats.  He's right.  Now not only do I have to do twice as many pushups, but I still have to find the dang chart.

I don't mind admitting that I was wrong and he was right... not so much, anyway.  But I do try to minimize it.  I'm supposed to be setting a good example here.  The kid is doing a fantastic job of using his checklist every day with no reminders, and here I am, putting things where they don't belong.  This is good incentive.

Uh oh.  Now I've been caught writing a blog post instead of doing pushups. Gotta go.