In-Service Presentation on ADHD was a success!

I got to live a dream today.   I've been wanting to educate teachers about ADHD since my ADHD journey began six years ago, with the diagnosis of my then-elementary school aged son.  I just finished giving an In-Service presentation to the teachers at a local private school.  I was thrilled at how well it was received!

The topics were:
•    What’s it like to have ADHD?  A simulation.
•    Were you paying attention?  A quiz.
•    How does ADHD manifest in real life?  More symptoms.
•    What else could be going on?  Common co-existing conditions.
•    What if you suspect a child has ADHD?  What to tell the parents – and what not to say.
•    What can you do to help?  Strategies for the classroom.
•    What do students with ADHD need most?  Some guiding principles.
The teachers asked lots of intelligent questions and provided their own insights on what works for them.  Thank you, Harrisburg Academy!

Please visit my web site,, and send me an email if you'd like me to speak at your school.  I'd love to continue the dream.