Who? Who? Who's distracted?

There's a new web site blocking tool for Google Chrome called "Productivity Owl".  It works a lot like "Leechblock", which is an add-in for the Firefox browser that I've been recommending to my clients for years.  You can tell it which web sites you want to keep yourself from visiting, and when.  You can also white-list sites that you want to be allowed to access any time (such as adhdsolutions.net :))

But the killer feature of Productivity Owl is defining how long you want to be allowed on any random web site during work hours.   It will close the tab automatically when you've exceeded the time limit.   This is really cool because we often don't plan to visit a web site, so we don't have a rule set up for it.   You just go there impulsively because it caught your attention - maybe there was a link to it in an email from the boss.  And before you even realize it, you've wasted an hour.  With Productivity Owl, you can stay for just long enough to see what it's all about, then choose to save it for later (another nifty feature) or get kicked out.

The Owl has a sense of humor, too.  There's an option to Get an Exception - and when you click it, you're told that the owl doesn't grant exceptions.  The app is new, so it's still a little quirky.  But I like it enough that I switched to Chrome just so I can keep using it.  Check it out here:  productivityowl.com

I have to finish this quick, because The Owl is telling me I only have 61 seconds left before he kicks me off this page.  See ya!