Here's the secret link to my ADDitude Magazine blog

I used to blog regularly for ADDitude Magazine. Maybe you remember it: the ADHD Coach blog? That was me. It had some really good stuff in it if I do say so myself. Unfortunately, I couldn't keep up with it when I started grad school, and the good editors at ADDitude understandably took it off the menu. This is an example of how sometimes you have to make difficult choices and recognize that you can't do it all.

But all is not lost!  The blog itself remains even though it's not listed anywhere.  Here is the secret URL to get to it: Scroll down, it's under my bio and feature articles.

I still write for them occasionally on their "Ask the Experts" blog as well as the print magazine.  ADDitude is a wonderful resource for adults with ADHD as well as the parents of children with ADHD. So check it out if you're not familiar with it.