Can we procrastinate on winter?

Fall viewThis is the view from my office window today.  Gorgeous, isn’t it?  Beautiful scenery notwithstanding, fall is my least favorite season. Why? Oh, the weather is usually just right – not too hot, not too cold. Heating and cooling expenses are lower. The bugs are gone.

The reason I dislike fall so much really has little to do with the season itself.  It’s the anticipation of winter - ice, freezing temps, bulky layers of clothing. I dread it. Funny thing is, once Jack Frost arrives, I realize that it’s really not so bad. It’s nice to sit in front of the fire.  There’s something incredibly peaceful about creating fresh tracks through the snow-covered woods. And I have a lot of nice sweaters!

There’s a parallel here to life with ADHD.   How many times have you put something off, and put it off again, because you just “know” it’s going to be awful? And when you finally make yourself do it, you realize it was easy?  Our perspective of how difficult things are, how unpleasant they will be, or how long they will take, is often skewed.  Perspective is funny like that.

Sometimes the best thing to do is take a closer look.  What are you really dreading?  How bad could it really be? What’s the worst thing about it?  You might recognize that your fears are an illusion. Or you might find some truth to them, in which case you can deal with them in a rational way.  Either way, hopefully, you’ll find your procrastination falling away like the autumn leaves.