What is online counseling?

There's a lot of confusion over the term "online counseling". So let me explain what I mean by it.

Some therapists (not me) are using it to mean counseling via text message, instant messaging and/or email. Quite honestly, I don't see how this could be as effective as a real counseling session.  So much is communicated through tone, volume, pace, and facial expression when we can hear and see each other. Most people have a hard enough time finding the right words when they speak. Writing adds an extra layer to the language barrier.

Other therapists, like myself, provide online counseling in the exact same way as if we were in a room together, but we use our webcams and speakers to see and hear each other. I sometimes refer to what I do as online counseling, or video counseling, or online video counseling. Regardless of the name, we're still meeting in real time. We're still having real conversations, feeling real feelings, doing real work. Much of the therapy I do is experiential which would be impossible to do via text or email. EMDR and EFT/Tapping can be done remotely, but not asynchronously.

There are some real benefits to online video counseling:

  • It's convenient
  • It's confidential - no running into your neighbor in the waiting room
  • You won't get stuck in traffic
  • You don't have to drive in snow
  • If your child is sick or school is closed, you don't have to cancel
  • You're in the comfort of your own home
  • It saves time.

If you'd like to work with me but aren't sure video counseling is for you, let's try it for 20 minutes so you can see what it's like. Use the button on the right side of this and every page on this site to request your consultation. 

Hope to see you soon!