Payment for Monthly Coaching Plans:

All monthly coaching plans include a predetermined number of 45-minute sessions (see below), plus between-session support to keep you on track. You'll get two check-ins per week via email or text. One is initiated by you, where you report your progress towards the action items we discussed during your last session and Beth responds accordingly.  The second is initiated by Beth, at a random time, to keep you on your toes.

Plans and pricing are as follows:

  • Four Coaching Sessions + between-session support: $725 per month
  • Three Coaching Sessions + between-session support: $575 per month
  • Two Coaching Sessions + between-session support: $425 per month

Coaching is billed month-to-month, but you should expect that it is a process that will take at least several months to achieve lasting results. Fees are payable at the beginning of each month. A credit card will be kept on file and automatically billed each month on approximately the same date. For example, if you begin coaching on the 15th of the month, your card will be billed for one month of coaching initially, and billed again on or around the 15th of every subsequent month that you remain a client.

Payment for Single Sessions:

If you do not need or want between-session support, you may choose to pay per session rather than enroll in a monthly coaching plan. The fee per 45 minute session is $160.