ADHD Coaching for Adults

Through ADHD coaching, you'll not only learn, but actually implement new skills, systems, and strategies that result in lasting change. ADHD coaching is goal oriented, less focused on feelings or the past. (learn more...)


ADHD Coaching for Students

Kids at all phases of their educational journey can benefit from ADHD coaching for students. Coach Jen works with children, tweens, teens, and college students, helping them reach their academic and personal goals. (learn more...)



Some people need more emotional support than coaching is intended to provide. Psychotherapy focuses more on feelings and can treat co-existing conditions like depression or anxiety. (learn more...)


Couples Therapy

ADHD can take its toll on a relationship. Couples Counseling (a.k.a. Couples Therapy or Marriage Counseling) can help you work through your problems, whether one partner or both has ADHD. (learn more...)


Don't have ADHD?

Although Beth specializes in ADHD, she also works with people who are not affected by it.   Visit for more information about Beth's general counseling and life coaching services.